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founder of Toka Salon

Nuri Yurt has been focused on hair since the age of twelve. The young apprentice with boundless energy has become a master of style whose imagination and individuality is expressed in each client’s experience at his salons.

Leaving his native Istanbul for the U.S. in 1990, Nuri already had the concepts, elements and techniques of hair design well in hand. He opened his flagship Toka Salon in Washington, DC in 1997. Working with a varied clientele he has refined his distinctive approach to proportion, texture, color and form, moving beyond preconceptions and conventions to a style that suits who you are.

To his trained designer’s eye no detail is too small: not in the modern palette of his salons dramatically setting off the serene absence of color against the intense excitement of its presence, nor in his disciplined manner of understanding your objectives and visualizing outcomes to create the hair concept most attuned to you.

This attention to detail and precise expression is evoked even in the choice of name for his salons – TOKA, both a noun and a verb in Turkish, meaning that which connects or the act of connecting, in the abstract, as well as a tool for holding things together, a bobby pin or clip for stray wisps of hair, in particular. From the abstract to the particular, bridging the fashion of the moment with a timeless sense of style is a hallmark of Nuri’s hair design.

Whatever the combination of your distinctive features, and whether you’re in front of the camera or running the studio, meeting heads of state or being one, working the catwalk or chairing a business meeting, Nuri will find the connection between your particular way of being and your finished look.

Nuri’s signature is style.

Nuri was also covered in an article by Financial Times 

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