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Serkan Karadag Stylist

Serkan Karadag

Serkan Karadag started his professional life in 1992 within the scope of Mete Türkmen. Till 1998, Karadağ has learnt so much about saloon hairdressing and fashion world from Mete Türkmen and thanks to their work together, he took the first steps to his current career.

As Mete Türkmen decided to continue his career in New York, Serkan Karadağ started to work with Zeki Doğulu between 1998-1999.

In 2000, he became a professional in photo shooting and fashion hairdressing in ATV channel and at the same time he practiced his experiences by working in Ortaköy Princess Hotel Coiffeur Saloon between 2000-2001.

As he met Erkan Ulaş in 2003, he speeded up his work in filming and photo shooting area and continued his career as a hairdresser and style consultant in various magazine, fashion show and movie shootings.

Between 2004-2011, under the sponsorship of OSIS, he was a hair and style consultant for many fashion shows, magazines and movies.

In 2009, as a SCHWARZKOPH OSIS Hair Style Instructor, he started to share his experiences in new platforms and in 2012 he was the manager and the hair-style instructor in Mehmet Tatlı Academy. Also in 2013, Serkan Karadağ continued as the Product Instructor of Kerastase Couture Styling.

Serkan Karadağ was the hairdresser in Festi Wella in 2012, HAIRiST Pivot Point in 2012, the press launch of Kerastase Couture Styling in 2013, GHD launch in 2014 and the backstage of Davines Turkey Hair on Stage Show in 2015 and also in 2015 he became the backstage supervisor of Academy Masters.

In 2012 Serkan Karadağ got Serge Morau Personality Analysisâ training and in 2013, 2014 and 2015 in order to add a global vision to his career. He got Visagisme Total Look❠training that is the diagnosis, haircut and colouring process according to the person  face and body size. In 2013 he got Colorscopie Color Coaching training that is the process of determining which colours best suit to the person and which seasons person she/he is; and according to these results, consulting and application to the person what she/he should prefer as dressing, hair colour and make-up. Together with these trainings Karadağ has become one of the rarest hair stylists in the world who has these certificates.

In February 2016, Serkan Karadağ opened his own boutique saloon named 6th Touch❠and continues his current career by exhibiting his brand power and uniqueness. He also continues being a fashion hairdresser as he does consultancy for international and national brands and gives Visagisme Total Lookâ and Colorscopie Color Coachingâ trainings and private saloon trainings.

Serkan Karadağ is now in his professional life; In February 2016, he opened his own brand, so called “6th Touch”, and continued his works by revealing his brand power and diversity. In 2018, he joined forces with Feride Doğan in Göktürk and collaborated with her in the professional field. In addition, he works in  advertising, cinema and fashion shootings and as a salon hairdresser, provides consultancy services to international and national brands, providing corporate and personalized “Visagisme Total Look” and ”Coloroscopie Color Coaching“ trainings as well as private hall trainings.

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